If you thought you would never get your car clean again —–
Who has the time these days to keep their car really clean? Not many actually.

For those of you on the go with screaming children spilling everything in site all over your car’s upholstery or that overhanging tree dropping sap on your shiny car finish, Resta’s Total Car Care and Rental has the solution for you!

Complete detailing services are now available
5 days a week!
(Monday – Friday)

Full Detail: Includes basic wash. Tires and wheels. Minor swirls and scratches removed. Buffing and polishing of paint finish. Exterior vinyl, plastic and rubber dressed and protected. Upholstery, carpets, headliner, mats, leather, dashboard, windows, center console, ashtray, trunk and air ducts are cleaned, shampooed, dressed and renewed.

Our detail service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you would like to further information or would like to talk to a customer service representative, please call: 732-873-8900

*Full size vans and conversion vehicles slightly higher. We are not magicians! Some stains are not removable. Prices increase based on the size of the vehicle and the condition in which it arrives. The cost of 95% of all vehicles we clean are completed at the base price.