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My friend just had a very expensive transmission repair.  How can I avoid transmission trouble?


Next to your engine, your transmission is the most expensive component in your vehicle – so you want to do all you can to avoid transmission repairs.

You may have noticed a trend of engines becoming more and more powerful in recent years.  At the same time, fuel economy has been improving in nearly every motor vehicle segment.  More power and better fuel economy have always been at odds.  Some of the improvement in fuel economy has been due to engine design, but most of the increases in fuel economy can be credited to advances in transmission technology.

Every engine has a sweet spot in which it most efficiently makes power.  This is often referred to as the power band – the optimal engine speed (measured in revolutions per minute, or RPM).  The computers that control what gear your automatic transmission is in try to keep it in the right gear in order to maintain optimal engine speed – whatever your driving conditions may be. 

Modern automatic transmissions have anywhere between four and ten speeds.  The more “speeds” your transmission has, the more time your engine can operate at peak efficiency.  Needless to say, transmissions have become more sophisticated and expensive.

Transmissions are cooled and lubricated by transmission fluid.  This pressurized fluid is directed through small passages to effect gear changes.  When transmission fluid gets old and contaminated, the small passages can become plugged which adversely affects shifts. The dirty fluid circulating in the transmission can eat away at gaskets and seals causing internal leaks that also hurt shifting.

Therefore, some vehicle manufacturers recommend that transmissions be serviced from time to time.  The interval varies by vehicle, so check your owner’s manual or with your Service Advisor about when service is due.  Old, contaminated fluid is removed, and new fluid is installed.  Keeping up with the recommended service schedule helps prevent internal damage that may result in an expensive transmission rebuild.

Let us help you extend the life of your vehicle and prevent costly repairs with recommended preventive maintenance service.

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